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We have three different Discounted packages to choose from. These packages provide the best savings if you request one of these packages. You may choose to modify our Silver or Gold packages to fit your budget and needs. Please contact us for more information on our packages, upgrades, services, current promotions, as well as pricing.  


*Basic DJ Package (4 hours)*
Includes our Basic state-of-the-art music sound system, a corded microphone, one DJ/entertainer and some free promotional giveaways.

*Our Basic Sound System is suitable for small events and can be easily modified to accommodate  venues with limited space and sound requirements.*

*Our Bronze package is our most affordable package however due to the minimum basic equipment used we can not add any upgrades to this package.

*Our Silver and Gold Packages can be customized to fit your budget and preference. So please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about price, packages, upgrades, etc.*

*Standard DJ Package (4 hours)*
Includes our Standard state-of-the-art music sound system, Standard light package, an open cordless microphone, 
one DJ/entertainer and some free promotional giveaways.

 *Our Standard sound system is an upgrade from our Basic Sound System because we use a separate speaker and amp system which creates a better quality of sound from the music. Our Standard light package adds light to the dance floor with some visual effects.

Upgrades and extras may be added to this package. Our most popular upgrades include our Extended Light Package which includes more  lighting for the ultimate light show experience. Our Extended Sound System upgrade includes an extra amp and sub-woofers for a more enhanced sound you can feel. 



*Extended DJ Package (4 hours)*
Includes our Extended state-of-the-art music sound system, Extended Light Package, a cordless microphone, one DJ/entertainer and some free promotional giveaways. 

This package provides our ultimate sound and light experience which is sure to please. 

Our packages are set-up and priced to cover the needs and wants of any potential customer looking for an experienced, professional DJ to play great sounding music throughout their next event.

Note: special events such as weddings, etc. may require an additional.

*Upgrades include:

* M/C Coordination

*Extended Sound System.

*Extended Light Package.

*Video Display Package.

*Karaoke package.

*Additional Sound Setup 

Extras include:  party props and fun party items.

*Some of our most poplar music categories include:*
* Top 40 in: ( Hip-Hop/Rap , R&B, Pop, Rock, Dance, etc. )                * Rock-n-Roll Oldies *
* Motown /Soul Oldies                                                                              * 60,s
* Disco/Dance/Club                                                                                   * Funk
* Contry Love Classics                                                                              * Back in the day
* Classic Rock Legends                                                                             * 70's
* Classic Love Songs                                                                                 * 80's
* Old School Jams                                                                                       * Hip-Hop Classics
* R&B Classics                                                                                            * 90's
* Classic Soul Ballads                                                                                 * Big Band/Swing
* Doo-Wop                                                                                                  * 50's
* Gospel                                                                                                        * Ragae
* Jazz                                                                                                             * Dinner /Cocktail music etc.
* Classic Wedding and Traditional music                                              * Latin party music
* We have all your favorite line dance music/songs and remixes. They include songs like: ( the electric slide, cha cha slide, step in the name of love, cotton eye joe, macarena, jazzy lady, YMCA and more ).
*We carry a popular collection of Karaoke Favorites.
* We specialize in continuous non-stop dance sets to keep the party moving.
* With a wide range of music from the 1950's thru the present, we are sure you'll be happy with our music. *

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